Polly Dahms Adams was born in a small town in Iowa in 1969. Her family relocated to Los Angeles when she was just one, and she has lived in many states across the US. The vast landscapes across America, and affinity for people from all over the world, has given her a very eclectic taste.

“I see beauty in everything.”  Her diverse background and experience with artists from around the world has made it easy for her to transition from one medium to the next and transform her art.

“I began painting as a child taking classes in a basement doing still life’s in Roseville, California. I have always had a great affinity for art, and have been doing art in many forms ever since I was a child, primarily by request, and as a hobby, until I opened my first home decor store in 2002, selling paintings faster than I could make them. In 2007, I returned to California and began painting again in 2016.”

“Painting helps me clear my mind, it makes me happy. I see something beautiful, take a photo, and cannot wait to get to a place where I can put it on canvas.”